Germicopa, Creator of potatovarieties

Germicopa is a creator of new potato varieties.
Thanks to its French research station and its network of international trails work, Germicopa selects varieties best suited to the expectations of its customers, according to agronomy, industrial capabilities, culinary and environmental strengths.

Germicopa makes every effort to provide innovative answers to the challenges of its customers around the world, taking note of their specific expectations related to their agro-ecological demands.

Since joining the Florimond Desprez Group in 2014, Germicopa has enjoyed privileged access to advanced breeding technologies.

Germicopa is also an expert in the production of seed potatoes and thus facilitates access to varietal innovation for its customers around the world. Germicopa provides seed to more than 70 countries. This worldwide presence demonstrates Germicopa’s ability to create potato varieties that are suitable for all growing conditions and markets.

Germicopa relies on a production network composed of 180 potato seed farmers based in territories recognised for their superior health status in Brittany and in the North of France. Their experience and Germicopa’s expertise make it possible to make the most of nearly 3,000 hectares of seed potato production each year.

Germicopa is also distinguished by its expertise in promoting varieties to consumers. A pioneer in potato variety marketing for more than 30 years, Germicopa develops this know-how that allows its customers to market high value products.

Germicopa is recognised worldwide for the high quality of the products and services it provides, from production and logistics to technical and promotional support. Its involvement at all levels of the sector is the identity of Germicopa.