Research & development

A search guided by the requirements of our customers


Germicopa’s research strategy is designed to provide fast and competitive responses to customer requests, taking into account their respective agro-ecological environments.
For this purpose, Germicopa’s research teams rely on a diversified genetic resource. More than 1,000 genotypes, including many related species, can be combined by our researchers to feed into our breeding program.


A rigorous selection of the best varieties

Each year, several hundred new crosses provide about 65,000 hybrids. Over the next 8 years, hybrids are evaluated and selected through a vast experimental network covering all the growing conditions of our customers. The successful varieties of tomorrow are identified through the analysis of tens of thousands of data collected: yields, qualities of presentation and use, resistance to different biotic and abiotic stresses, as well as aptitude for plant production.


Innovative partnerships

By developing specific tests and especially through a partnership with INRA, Germicopa has developed a program to introduce resistance to diseases and pests. A permanent monitoring of the evolution of these parasites makes it possible to check its durability.
Germicopa also works closely with Florimond Desprez. The creation of potato varieties thus benefits from the techniques and know-how developed by the group for other species.