Missions & values



Create new, more efficient and sustainable varieties.

Germicopa’s business is to create varieties that meet the growing agronomic, economic and environmental requirements of its customers. Germicopa relies on rich genetic resources of great diversity and offers new and improved varieties every year. Germicopa makes it easy for its customers to access these innovations by producing and exporting seed potatoes worldwide.
Germicopa also accompanies them in the promotion of its varieties to consumers.



Germicopa shares the values ​​of the group of which it is part:

– Humility
To create new varieties that are always more efficient and adapted to growing conditions, a breeder must be able to question and evolve his approach. A certain humility is essential to properly understand the evolution of our environment, then adapt our varieties and farming techniques.

– Generosity
Generosity targets the general and collective interest before any specific individual interests. Aware of the challenges of the entire sector, Germicopa is committed to providing solutions that will contribute to its sustainability.

– Perseverance
Ten years of research and breeding is needed to create a new potato variety. More than five years of commercial development follows, during which technical improvements and relevant positioning will make the most of its potential. Great perseverance is essential to pass with rigour each step of this long process.