Our history

Germicopa is a French company specialising in the creation of potato varieties for the fresh market and industrial processing (fries, chips and starch).
Many iconic varieties, such as Charlotte, Chérie and Amandine, are from the Germicopa breeding program. Germicopa also produces seed potatoes and markets them in 70 countries around the world. 

More than 75 years of creating varieties.

Our varietal creation was born of a collaboration, in 1947, between the Clause selection company and Breton cooperatives. Their goal was to create new varieties of potatoes, adapted to local production conditions and responding to the challenges of a rebuilding agricultural sector.

In 1984, the same partners set up a company to promote their varieties abroad and the seed potatoes they produced.

In 1989, research, production and marketing activities were brought together within the same company. This group gave birth to Germicopa. In the nineties, the selection process continues and Germicopa gradually structures the production and sales networks that are today its strength.

In 2014, Germicopa joined the Florimond Desprez group. The entry into this family group, a specialist in varietal creation, offers Germicopa new perspectives. The company has since benefited from its support in its research work and for its international development.

Key Steps & Iconic Varieties 

Key Steps & Iconic Varieties