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New variety registrations

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Registrations 2021



   Salad potato variety for baby potato

Pomme de terre EMPRESS

  • Potato variety with a high tuber number, medium to small tuber size adapted to the production of babies.
  • Good presentation, homogeneous oval shape, pale yellow flesh and yellow skin.
  • Good tolerance to common scab.
  • Rustic, good tolerance to late blight.


   Industrial variety potato for starch processing
Pomme de terre Telma

  • Late potato variety with high yield potential.
  • Very high starch content with a good quality, viscosity and high protein content.
  • Very high resistance to PVY.
  • Interesting resistances to the different pathotypes of wart disease.
  • Good tolerance to second growth.


Registrations 2020



   Salad potato variety

Pomme de terre Alix

  • ALIX is a potato variety with a very high level of tolerance to late blight, both foliage and tuber.
  • Early maturity.
  • Oval to long oval shape, nice appearance, light skin.
  • High number of tubers per plant, regular and homogeneous medium size.
  • Group A, firm cooking type.


   Table potato

Pomme de terre Decibel

  • Medium early maturity.
  • Robust variety, good resistance to stressful conditions.
  • Oval shape, large tuber size.
  • High yield potential.
  • Cooking group B.



   Baby potatoes variety
Pomme de terre Catimini

  • CATIMINI is a potato variety with a very high tuber set : around 20-25 tubers per plant under 40 mm.
  • Nice deep yellow flesh after cooking, yellow skin with slight red eyes.
  • Short oval shape.
  • Suitable for processing and for the fresh market.
  • Good taste, high cooking quality, culinary group AB.



   Industrial variety potato for starch processing
Pomme de terre Luneba

  • Very high starch content and high yield.
  • Very high resistance to the different pathotypes of wart disease F1, F2, F6 and F18.
  • Very high resistance to PVY.
  • Fairly good resistance to foliage late blight.



   Table variety

Pomme de terre Topaze

  • Big oval tubers, red skin and yellow flesh.
  • Very high yield in many different countries and conditions of growing.
  • Medium maturity with fast emergence.
  • Medium dormancy, adapted for early main crop and second season cropping.


Registrations 2019


   New early bulking starch variety

  • High yield
  • Strong growing plant, high canopy
  • Resistance to nematodes:
    • G.pallida 2-3: medium level
    • G.rostochiensis 1-4: full resistance
  • High resistance to PVY
  • DM: 24,6% – UWW: 459 – Starch: 18%



   Stress resistant and fast bulking high yielding variety

  • Yellow flesh
  • Excellent and regular production whatever growing conditions
  • Very tolerant to stressful conditions
  • Round uniform tubers with homogeneous size
  • Promising processing results until March/April
    DM: 22,9% – UWW: 425


Registrations 2018



   Early season processing variety

  • Rather fast variety combining good ability for early processing but also after medium term storage
  • Pale yellow flesh
  • Long oval shape
  • Good lenght index for an early variety
  • DM: 22,1% – UWW: 409


Registrations 2017



   The dark yellow flesh 

  • Yellow skin and dark yellow flesh
  • Flavoursome, excellent firm cooking quality group A
  • Medium early maturity
  • Long oval shape
  • DM: 21,4% – UWW: 395



   Strong growing plant

  • Red skin and yellow flesh, long oval shape
  • Late maturity
  • Very high tolerance to foliage late blight suitable for organic production
  • Good frying quality
  • Very long dormancy and high adaptability to long storage
  • DM: 20,9% – UWW: 384



   Purple table potato

  • Short oval shape
  • Original variety with bright purple skin and purple flesh colour
  • Keep its nice purple flesh colour after cooking
  • Resistant to silver scurf, essential with this skin colour
  • Excellent flavour and texture: mashed and boiled potatoes, oven-roasted potatoes
  • DM: 19,8% – UWW: 366